Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! See what using coupons can do-

I hope that you have a happy and healthy 2011!!!!  It has been 1 year since I got smart and started saving my family money by using coupons and shopping sensibly.  I do not have time to keep a running total on how much I saved by using coupons on every transaction that I complete.  I can however tell you that my MVP savings at Food Lion for 2010 was over 2000.00!!! That is just MVP savings, not coupon savings!  I will try to keep some sort of record of spending for 2011, but I doubt I will be very good at recording every transaction!!! 
I do want to share something with you.  Jenny, who operates the website just listed her 2010 savings compared to her 2009 savings.  Keep in mind that Jenny is not an extreme couponer like you saw on TLC this week.  She is an average mom who is saving money!

Just for comparison sake, here’s last year:
2009 Year End Totals
Before Sales: $6991.06
Spent: $2281.22 ($43.86 weekly average)
Saved: $4709.84 or 67.3%
and drum roll please…
2010 Year End Totals
Before Sales: $7893.81
Spent: $2272.47 ($43.71 weekly average)
Saved: $5621.34 or 71%

WOW!!!!  Can you believe this!!!  Now, Jenny lives in an area that has a Publix and a Kroger, along with other stores that we do not have in Danville. She does have small children, so diapers were included in this total!  But, its still amazing at how using coupons and shopping smart can really cut your expenses.   Good luck to you in 2011, I hope that saving money is a resolution for the new year.  You can do it!!!

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