Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How much do I love CVS???

Well, let me show you the ways!!!  First of all, CVS has a rewards program called ExtraCare Bucks (ECB).  Basically, when you purchase specific items you get ECB.  ECB are similar to a gift card to CVS.  They print out at the bottom of your receipt, and you redeem them on your next transaction!!!  So, to truly save at CVS you "roll" your ECB.  Which means, you continue to buy items with your ECB that will give you more ECB.  Its a little confusing, but well worth your time to figure it out.  I will write more articles about CVS deals in the future. 
If you do not have an ExtraCare card - get one today!!!  Do not fill out your email address on the application.  When you get home, go to cvs.com and enter your email address.  They will email you 4.00 in ECB (without spending a dime!!!).  Everytime you go to CVS, make sure you scan your card at the coupon center (a tall skinny machine with a computer screen) - it will print out coupons!!!! 

Ok, so yesterday, I was in CVS.  I scanned my card and got at least 5 coupons!!!  I received a 5.00 off a 25.00 purchase coupon (which is 25.00 before coupons!!! - make sure you hand the cashier the 5.00 off 25.00 coupon before your other coupons).    I also received a 5.00 off any Halloween costumes, decor, or accesories!

So, today - I made my SUPER trips to CVS! 
Here is a picture of what I got:
1 box of Halloween tattoos 3.99
1 box of Halloween glow sticks  3.99
1 pack of "night time" underwear! 10.79
1 Schick Hydro razor 8.97
1 Schick Shave Gel 3.99
1 Revlon Colorstay make up 13.49
2 little packs of Halloween  .99 ea
1 little pumpkin cup .99

I had some ECB already, so that is what made my deals so good -
I paid a total of 6.31 and received 5.00 in ECB back!!!!

( I found a coupon on the razor to get a free shave gel with razor purchase, so this helped me get to my 25.00 total, so I could save 5.00!)

I did two transactions - D. has a CVS card and he got the same 5.00 off coupons yesterday too!

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