Sunday, November 7, 2010

Save 5% at Target....

Save 5% on every purchase at Target!!!!  Please read the info below!
I looked on the target site and you get a 5 % discount when you use either your target credit card or target debit card, you just ask at a checkout to apply for a target debit card, make sure u bring a blank check with you so they can link it to your existing checking account, they have always had this debit card available but it was little known, but they just recently came out with the 5% discount and using the debit card is the best way to ensure saving since u don't risk paying interest like with the credit card, but you get the 5% discount all the time on either card so just apply in store make sure you specify you want the target debit card and you will be all set. Hope this helps all Target lovers!"

Thanks Ashley!!!

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  1. Also, I found a great deal on the FurReal Walking Lulu Kitty. It sells for $19.99 and under the coupons section has a coupon for 50% off! I bought one today and she scanned the coupon and it took $10.00 off. So I only paid $9.99! Great Christmas Idea!! :)