Thursday, September 16, 2010

Really Good Food Lion Deals (9/15)

This is not a complete list of the deals at Food Lion for this week, but I wanted to highlight a few that you may have overlooked!

1. Juicy Juice - .99 each for the packs of juice boxes.  There are 1.00 off 2 Juic Juice coupons in the 8/1 RP insert.  Which make it .50 each!!!  Even with no coupons, .99 each is a great price for 100% juice boxes! (on sale for 2 weeks!!!!)

2. DeerPark Aqua Pods - These are cute 11 oz bottles of water made for kids.  They are 1.00 each.   If you buy 3 you should get a 3.00 off your next purchase from the coupon printer at the register!!!!  The catalina coupon, does roll, so you can do this deal multiple times.  Some stores do not stock a lot of this product, so I hope you find it!!!
3. Pillsbury biscuits - You will get a 3.00 on your next purchase coupon if you buy 6 participating pillsbury products.  I think any of the cans of dough will work.  But, this is what I did:
buy (6) 5 count cans of buttermilk biscuits at .69 each (some other varities may be .89 or .99) There should be a blinkie machine at the biscuits for .75 off 3 pillsbury products, so use 2 coupons. 
You will spend 2.64 and get a 3.00 coupon back.

If your catalina coupons do not print, you can google catalina coupons and get the toll free number to call.  I have heard that they refund you. 

Have fun!

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