Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Lion Deals beginning 9/29

Ok, so I usually do not post ads early because they are not always accurate...  So, please keep in mind that our local ad may not be exactly like the ad listed.  Many times the meat deals are different...

Hope this helps you plan your shopping!


3 DAY SALE (Starts Friday at 8 AM)
*Bounty Paper Towels, 8 giant rolls, select 7.99 limit 4
rest of week 9.99 (13.99)
*Charmin Bath Tissue, 6 Mega or 12 Big Rolls, select 4.99 limit 4
Rest of week 6.99 (8.29)
*Tide Laundry Detergent, 100oz liquid or 141-146oz powder, select 8.99 limit 4
Rest of week 9.99 (10.99-14.99)
*Downy Fabric Softener, 103oz 8.99 limit 4
Rest of week 9.99 (10.99-14.99)
*Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, 12.6oz select 2/$6
Rest of week 3.59 (4.79)
*Clorox Bleach, 82-96oz select 0.99 limit 4
Rest of week 1.69 (1.97)
*Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, 8ct select 2/$3 limit 4
Rest of week 2/$4
*Quaker Cap’N Crunch Cereal, 13-16oz select 2/$3 limit 4
Rest of week 2/$4

Ground Chuck, value pack BOGO
Fresh Chicken Leg quarters, 10lb bags BOGO limit 2 free (7.80)
Pork Loin, half, boneless BOGO
FL Raw or Cooked Jumbo Shrimp, 16oz 26/30ct BOGO limit 2 free
Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon 12-16oz select varieties BOGO limit 2 free
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats 16oz select varieties BOGO limit 2 free
NY Strip Steaks, value pack boneless 8.99/lb (10.19/lb)
Holly Farms Whole Fryers, grade A 0.99/lb (1.29/lb)
Catfish Nuggets 1.99/lb
Chuck Eye Steak, value pack or Boneless Beef Country Style Ribs 3.99/lb (everyday)
Boneless Denver Steaks, value pack 3.49/lb (everyday)
Smithfield Ham Steaks, 8oz, honey, maple, or hickory 2/$5 (2.99)
Ocean Eclipse Salmon Fillet, 1.5lb 4.99
Boneless Stew Beef, value pack 3.49/lb (everyday)
Pork Steaks, value pack 1.99/lb (2.39/lb)
Sail Sea Scallops, 16oz BOGO limit 2 free
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations, 4.9-7.1oz, select varieties BOGO limit 2 free
FL Chicken Breasts, 2.5lb, individually quick frozen BOGO limit 2 free
Mama Lucia Meatballs, 25.6oz BOGO limit 2 free
Nathan’s Beef Franks, 16oz select varieties BOGO limit 2 free
Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage, 16oz select 3.79
Smithfield Lunch Meats, 10oz select 2/$5
FL Fully Cooked Bacon, 2.1oz 2/$5
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, 14-16oz meat or beef 2/$6

Broccoli, large bunch BOGO (1.99ea)
Green Bell Peppers, large, crisp BOGO (0.89ea)
Grape Tomatoes, dry pint BOGO (2.49ea)
Peeled Carrots, 1lb bag BOGO (1.75)
Eastern Gold Apples, 3lb bag 2.99 (3.99)
Russet Potatoes, 10lb bag 3.99 (4.99)
Mangoes 0.99ea (1.29)
Green Beans, fresh, crisp 1.59/lb (1.79)
Yellow Onions, 3lb bag 2/$5 (2.99)
Sweet Potatoes, NC 0.79/lb (0.99)

Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese, 5-8oz select BOGO limit 2 free (2.79)
Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese, 8oz select BOGO limit 2 free (2/$4)
Kraft American Singles, 12oz select BOGO limit 2 free (2.29)
Simply Juices, 59oz select 2.99 (everyday)
Hershey’s Shakes, 12oz select 10/10 (1.29)
Dannon Activia or Activia Dessert Yogurt, 4pk select 2/$4 (2/$5)
Pet Ice Cream or Blue Bunny Ice Cream, 56oz select 2/$6
Eggland’s Best Extra Large Eggs, 1dz 2/$4 (2.99)
International Delight Creamers, 32oz select 2/$5 (3.19)
FL Sour Cream, 8oz select 0.89 (0.99)
Mrs. Smith’s or Edwards Premium Pies, 25.5-45oz select 5.99

Country Time Lemonade, 6-8qt pre-sweetened BOGO limit 2 free
Crystal Light Drink Mix, 0.87-2.1oz select BOGO limit 2 free
Kraft or Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce 18oz select BOGO limit 2 free
$.75/1 8/29 SS
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, 7.25oz select BOGO limit 2 free (0.89)
Nabisco Nilla Wafers, 11-12oz select BOGO limit 2 free (3.19)
Nabisco Chips Ahoy! 14-16oz select BOGO limit 2 free (3.99)
***There should be a FB coupon coming out the Monday of the sale (10/4)
Maxwell House Coffee, 11.5-13oz bags or cans, decaf and Colombian not included BOGO limit 2 free
Ritz Crackers, 12-16oz select BOGO limit 2 free (3.79)
Planters Peanuts, 16oz select BOGO limit 2 free
Planters Flavor Grove, 5.75-6oz select BOGO limit 2 free
Kraft Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip, 30oz select BOGO limit 2 free (3.99)
Kool-Aid Drink Mix, 0.13-0.23oz select BOGO limit 2 free (4/$1)
Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice, 64oz select BOGO limit 2 free (3.99)
General Mills Cereals, 12.8oz Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 13oz Reese’s Puffs, 17.2oz Frosted Cheerios BOGO limit 2 free
Deer Park Aquapod, 8pk, 11oz BOGO limit 2 free (2.79)
***Still has a $3 OYNO until 10/3
SO Soda, 3L select BOGO limit 2 free (1.25)
Ronzoni Pasta Cuts, 12-16oz select BOGO limit 2 free (1.39)
Taco Bell Dinner Kits, 14.9oz select BOGO limit 2 free (2.99)
Little Debbie Big Packs, 16.8-36oz select 2/$5 (3.49)
Nature’s Own Whitewheat Bread, 20-24oz select 1.99
Nestle Pure Life Water, 0.5L, 24pk 3.99
Deer Park Spring Water, 0.5L, 24pk 3.99
Polar Seltzers, 33.8oz select 0.79 (0.85)
Del Monte Vegetables, 14.5-15.25oz select 5/5 (1.35)
Hamburger Helper, 4.3-8.4oz select 10/10 (1.75)
Gatorade All Stars, 6pk select 2/$6 (3.59)
Progresso Classic Soups, 18.5-19oz select 10/10 (2.39)
Ruffles, 9-10oz select 3.49 (3.99)
Nabisco Cheese Nips, 10-12oz select 2/$3 (1.79)
FL Apple Juice, 64oz 1.89 (everyday)
FL Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 64oz select 2/$4 (2.59)
4C Powdered Drinks, 2.37oz select 2/$7
Little Hug Fruit Drinks, 8z, 20pk 2/$7

**BUY ANY 5 AND RECEIVE $5 OFF YOUR ORDER (Limit 1 Reward Per Transaction, Limit 2 Of Any One Item)**
Capri Sun Drinks, 10pk, 6oz pouches, select 2.07 (everyday)
Smucker’s Squeeze Grape Jelly, 20oz 2/$4 (2.59)
Jif Peanut Butter, 18oz select 2/$4 (2.59)
$1 wyb both Jif & Smuckers 8/8 RP
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, 17oz or Rice Krispies, 12oz 2/$5

Kingsford Charcoal, 7.9-8.3lb bag, select BOGO limit 2 free
Tide Stain Release, 36oz 5.99 (6.99)
Bounce Dryer Sheets, 120ct select 4.99 (5.79)
Cascade Action Pacs, 20ct 3.99 (4.79)
Dawn Dish Detergent, 19-24oz select 2.50 (2.69)
Febreze Air Effects, 9.7oz select 2.50 (3.39)
Febreze Fabric and Air Refresher, 24-27oz select 4.99 (5.59)
Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener, 7.5oz select (1.19)
Hefty Kitchen or Trash Bags, 18-80ct, select 5.99 (6.79)
H360 Kitchen or Trash Bags, 25-45ct select 4.99 (5.99)
Reynolds Wrap, 35-80sqft, regular, heavy duty or non-stick 2.99 (3.89)
H360 Aluminum Foil, 50sqft heavy duty or 75sqft regular 2/$4 (2.99)
SO Napkins, 120ct 0.99 (1.49)
SO Foam Bowls or Plates, 20-50ct 1.29 (2.39)

Good on all Glade Aerosols, Candles, Plug-In Scented Gels or Oils

Huggies or Pampers Value Pack Diapers, 92-144ct select 29.99
Huggies or Pampers Box Diapers, 48-96ct select 19.99
Pampers or Huggies Jumbo Diapers or Training Pants, 20-56ct select 9.99
Huggies Wipes, 184-216ct select 5.99 (7.99)
Gerber 1st Foods, 7oz 2nd Foods or 6oz Main Meals select 10/10
Gerber Lil’ Entrees, 1.48oz Puffs or Crunchies, select 2/$4
Gerber 3rd Baby Foods, 6oz select 10/$7 (0.77)
Gerber Pure Water, Gallon 0.99 (1.49)
Similac Advance, Enfamil or Gerber Good Start Formula, 23.2-25oz select
FL or H360 Baby Formula, 25.75oz select 11.99 (15.99)
Playtex Bottle Drop-Ins or Playtex 1st Cup Trainer 3.99
H360 Baby 2nd Stage Food, 8oz select 10/$8.50 (0.89)
H360 Baby Little Munchies, Little Meals or Puffs, 1.48oz select 2/$3.50
H360 Baby Wipes, 184-240ct 4.99 (6.99)
H360 Jumbo Diapers, 22-56ct 6.99 (7.99)

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