Monday, January 17, 2011

Saving money on baby items?

Attention New Parents!

If I only knew 4 years ago, what I know now!!! I guess I could say that my couponing adventures started when Colston was born 4 years ago.  I learned quickly to use coupons for diapers and formula.  I never really thought of pairing my coupons with sales to REALLY save.  I guess we live and learn.  With that being said, I want to educate all the new moms out there.  With a little planning and a small storage area, you can diaper, dress, bathe, and feed your children without taking out a second mortgage!!!  I will highlight a few ways to save and to know if you have found a good stock up price!

Keep in mind that the opinions below are mine and you may not agree!

1. Diapers.  Most people are using disposable diapers today.  There are some that still prefer cloth.  I have no experience with cloth diapers, but they are great for our environment.  It's easy to put your hands on coupons for diapers, especially from the major manufacturers.  If you use Pampers, Huggies, or Luvs I do not recommend buying a pack of diapers without a coupon!!! Many people try to stock up on diapers while they are pregnant.  That is a fine idea, unless your child can't wear the brand you stocked up on!!!  I would purchase some, maybe in a few different brands until you know for sure what brand will work. 
Most people think that buying the super large boxes of diapers are the best deals.  Not the case!  If you are using coupons, it's usually cheaper to buy the smaller packs on sale with a coupon.  A good stock up price is 4.00 or less for a regular jumbo pack of diapers.  Places like CVS, Food Lion, and other chain drug stores offer great sales on diapers.  Paired with a coupon, you can really get a deal!

Pampers and Huggies both offer reward programs.  They include stickers with unique codes in each package of diapers and wipes.  Entering the codes online, you will have access to lots of gifts!  Anything from free diapers to free prints from places like snapfish or even starbucks gift cards!  You can begin your rewards points while you are pregnant.  Both companies will give out promo codes every month or so, you can get points before you use your first diaper!!

2. ToysRUs and BabiesRUs - Most local moms to be will register here.  Using your RewardsRUs card gives you credit for all qualifiying purchases.  They even offer special shopping events and discounts for members.  It's a great idea to give grandparents the extra cards you receive when you sign up.

3. Upromise - Earn money for college!! Create an account, enter your Food Lion MVP card number, CVS Extra Care number and debt card number.  You will make money through participating brands and businesses.  For example - Beech Nut is a sponsor - when you buy Beech Nut baby food at Food Lion a percentage of the total goes into your account.  There are lots of ways to earn points.  Take a few minutes to browse their website.  You can withdraw at anytime and you can split the account for each child.  It's really neat!  I have recently been paying attention to my account, its fun to get free money towards education.  Remember, every little bit counts!!
 Once you join Upromise®, nearly everything you buy or do can mean more money for college in your Upromise account. Check out all these great program options. Remember: the more you do, the more you can get back. You'll be able to watch your Upromise account accumulate daily with all your eligible purchases.

4. Formula - Go ahead and sign up with Similac and Enfamil.  Even if you plan to nurse, the companies send great coupons for formula and lots of other baby things!  Remember to trade coupons with friends to maximize your savings.

5. Stock Up Prices:  By using coupons and sales, you should be able to find great deals on the necessary items!

Diapers 4.00 or less for jumbo packs
Wipes .50-.75 a tub (wipes can be stored up to 3 years, if they are not opened)
Lotion, Shampoo, and Body wash  1.00

If you find the above items at these prices or less - stock up, you have found a deal!!!

On a personal note - I think that generic meds like tylenol and gas drops are just as good as brand.  I have used both (brand and generic), I can't tell the difference.  I have not used generic formula - but have been told by a pediatrician that Parent's Choice (Wal-Mart brand) formula is exactly the same thing as Similac. 

Good Luck to new moms (and dads!).  Having a newborn does not have to break the bank!


  1. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the info! As far as the formula, I was told that it all has to be regulated so the generic is the same as the name brand. I use generic unless I have a check from the company and/or coupon that makes the brand name cheaper. Also, Amazon has been running great deals on diapers and wipes and they have a special program for moms to save even more money. I love the fact that I have them delivered to my door for free and get a great price! Lori Austin

  2. Thanks Lori! Amazon also offers a program called amazon moms. It's free to sign up and gives you free amazon prime status!